2015 Judges  
  Thurs 8th January 2015 Boston & DCS (Ch) Helen Townsend  
  Sat 17th January 2015 Manchester (Ch) Tracey Mason  
  Sun 18th January 2015 BDC (O) Stephen Fern  
  Sun 8th February 2015 NEDC (O) Wendy Wakefield  
  22nd February 2015 MDC (O) Vic Salt  
  Fri 6th March 2015 CRUFTS (Ch) Lynne Glass  
  Sun 22nd March 2015 South East of England (Ch) Peter Mycroft  
  April 2015 WDC (O) Hollie Kavanagh  
  Sat 18th April 2015 W&PBW (Ch) Brenda Banbury  
  Sat 25th April 2015 WELKS (Ch) Sue Day  
  Mon 4th May 2015 SWDC (0) Yvonne Cox  
  Thurs 7th May 2015 Birmingham National Dog Show (Ch) Joe Smith  
  Sat 9th May 2015 BDC (O) Ruth Calvert-Smith  
  Sat 16th May 2015 SDC (O) Tim Lainchbury  
  Sun 17th May 2015 SKC (Ch) Debbie Parson  
  Sat 23rd May 2015 DC (Ch) Myriam Vermeire (D) Viv Lucas (B)  
  Sun 24th May 2015 Bath CS (Ch) Caroline Friend-Rees  
  Sun 31st May 2015 Southern Counties CA (Ch) Kari Javinen  
  Thurs th June 2015 Three Counties AG S (Ch) Colin Miller  
  Sun 7th June 2015 MDC (O) Donald Jackson  
  Sun 21st June 2015 Border Union AG S (Ch) Lynne Hunter  
  Sat 27th June 2015 NEDC (Ch) Rebecca Barber  
  Sun 28th June 2015 Blackpool & DCCS (Ch) Sue Pollock-Yule  
  Fri 3rd July 2015 Windsor Dog Show(Ch) Judith Balshaw  
  Sat 11th July 2015 NW&PB (Ch) Ian Norman  
  Sun 12th July 2015 East of England AG S (Ch) Mick Higgins  
  Sat 25th July 2015 NECDC (Ch) John  Layton  
  Sat 25th July 2015 NECDC (O) Margaret Young  
  Sun 26th July 2015 Leeds (Ch) Albert Wight  
  Mon 3rd Aug 2015 Paignton & DCS (Ch) Shaun Watson
  Mon 10th Aug 2015 Bournemouth C A (Ch) Rodney Oldham  
  Sat 22nd Aug 2015 WKC (Ch) Carol Smith  
  Sat 29th Aug 2015 SKC (Ch)    
  Sun 30th Aug 2015 SDC (Ch) Rade Vesic  
  Sat 5th Sept 2015 City of Birmingham (Ch) Frank Wildman  
  Sat 12th Sept 2015 Richmond (Ch) Miss A Lonsdale  
  Sun 13th Sept 2015 DC (O) Lynne Scott  
  Sat 19th Sept 2015 Darlington [O] (Ch) No CC's Simon Luxmore  
  Sat 26th Sept 2015 Belfast Dog Show (Ch) John Phillips  
  Sun 27th Sept 2015 NIDC (Ch) Vincent O'Brien  
  Thurs 1st Oct 2015 Driffield Ag S (Ch) Gloria Pascoe  
  Sat 10th Oct 2015 WDC (Ch) Harriet McClean(D) Andrew Ball (B)  
  Sun 25th Oct 2015 Midland Counties CS (Ch) Sigurd Wilberg  
  Sat 7th Nov 2015 W&PBS (Ch) Garry Lewthwaite  
  Sun 8th Nov 2015 SDC (O) Kim Nicol-Jones  
  Sun 15th Nov 2015 MDC (Ch) Sue Mycroft (D) Karen Barlow (B)  
  Sat 21st Nov 2015 SDWC (Ch) Beverley Barber (D) Fiona Dunn (B)  
  Sat 12th Dec 2015 LKA [O] (Ch) No CC's Julie Snell  

Please note that the above details are correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting.