South West Dobermann Club Open Show
Bank Holiday Monday 5th May 2015
Judge: Miss Yvonne Cox

Please find the judges critique at the bottom of this page

Veteran Dog/Bitch. (3 entries)

1st    Wall’s Amazon Sweetest Feelings for Jarjarjinx    BEST VETERAN IN SHOW

2nd  Cox & Evans Amazon Cruise Control for Martonburg

3rd  Cox’s Martonburg Star of India


Minor Puppy Dog (2 entries)


1st Morgan’s Newfords Moves Like Jagger   BEST PUPPY DOG, BEST PUPPY IN SHOW

2nd Ekin’s Jakarta Russkaya Dusha Avec Sharnburg


Puppy Dog (1 entry)

1st Wetherall’s Kodam Propa Gander


Junior Dog  (5 entries)


1st Gregson’s Amazon Blackpark Louis Vuitton   RESERVE BEST DOG

2nd Dzuba’s Korifrey Jaet at Zajonti

3rd Quigley, Day & Piper’s Swnydwr Double Take

Res. Wetherall’s Kodam Propa Gander

VHC King’s Newfords Kid Rock


Novice Dog  (1 entry)

1st Groves’ Lateagain Smooth Criminal


Graduate Dog  (5 entries – 1w/d)

1st Fisher’s Jojavik Elite Mafia

2nd  Reid’s Nerak American Idol

3rd Dzuba’s Korifrey Jet at Zajonti

Res. Quigley, Day & Piper’s Swnydwr Double Take


Post Grad Dog   (3 entries)

1st  Pieters’ Supeta’s Will I Am Tuffenuff

2nd Capell’s Ruzuna Amazing Valour

3rd  Williams & Faulkner’s Grafmax Rudolf Nureyev


Limit Dog  (4 entries – 1 abs)

1st Brough’s Remesca’s Rosinni JW

2nd Underwood’s Liason Labyrinth

3rd Wall & Bolton Jarjarjinx True Grit


Open Dog  (1 entry)


1st Gallagher’s Izralight Zorro JW ShCM    BEST DOG, BEST IN SHOW


Minor Puppy Bitch – (2 entries)

1st Nicholl-Jones, Bennett & Mycroft’s Supeta’s In Yer Dreams

2nd Quigley, Day & Pipers’s Swnydwr Dancing Queen


Puppy bitch  (2 entries)

1st Wilkinson’s Newfords Linda Lovelace   BEST PUPPY BITCH, RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW

2nd Goodwin & Daniel’s Satinea Celestina with Mattacane


Junior Bitch  (2 entries)

1st Tyler’s Chancepixies Angelena

2nd Underwood’s Utomia Aphrodite


Novice Bitch ( 1 entry)

1st Tyler’s Chancepixies Angelena


Graduate Bitch   (3 entries )

1st Jones’ Korifrey Black Diamond                        RESERVE BEST BITCH

2nd Dzuba’s Khaneve Aurora at Zajonti

3rd Pittendrigh’s Flexor Isabella at Tomar


Post Grad Bitch (2 entries)

1st Thorn’s Taevas Black Velvet at Grafmax JW ShCM

2nd Pittendrigh’s Amazon This Girls on Fire with Tomar  


Limit Bitch  (8 entries – 1 abs)

1st Godfrey’s Grafmax Ninette de Valois 

2nd Gallagher’s Izralight Sugababe JW ShCM

3rd Nicoll-Jones & Griffen’s Supeta’s Jessie J into Kyricia

Res. Fisher’s Dronski Adele at Lintoya

VHC Brannon & Smith’s Remesca’s Rive Gauche


Open Bitch   (4 entries)

1st Underwood’s Ch. Liason Latanya JW   BEST BITCH & RESERVE BEST IN SHOW

2nd Parker’s Ch. Eilan Fabulous Frieda

3rd Wall’s Jarjarjinx Pokerface

Res. Groves’ LateagainJazz’s Delight


Thank you to the SWDC Committee for inviting me to judge their well run open show & for their exceptional hospitality.  My thanks also to the exhibitors for their sporting acceptance of my decisions and for giving me the opportunity to go over such a quality entry of dogs and bitches.  My final thanks to my steward Linda for keeping the ring running so smoothly.; I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon.

Veteran Dog/Bitch (3,0)
1.            Walls’ Amazon Sweetest Feelings For Jarjarjinx
8 ½ year old black/rust standard sized bitch, really enjoying her day out today!  Good head planes, arched, reachy neck, strong topline, good, balanced angulation.  Strong, straight legs with pasterns showing no signs of ageing and the tightest of feet.  Excellent mover for her age, it was an honour to award such a lovely ‘old lady’ Best Veteran In Show

2.            Cox & Evans’ Amazon Cruize Control For Martonburg
Almost 10 years old, this black/rust male has ample forechest and spring of rib.  Short backed and square, he was unfortunately overweight which detracted from his outline and he didn’t move as freely as 1

Minor Puppy Dog (2,0)
 1.           Morgans’ Newfords Moves Like Jagger
7 ½ month old black/rust baby and novice handler at their 1st show.  This young man has lovely depth to his muzzle although planes need to sort themselves out, dark eyes and well defined markings.  Reachy neck into well laid shoulders, brisket just down to elbows with good tuck up.  Good strong legs and adequate rear angulation.  In the few moments they both got it ‘just right’, his quality showed through and he has a sharp, square, crisp outline.  Moved well for such an inexperienced duo whom I’ve no doubt with some help and ringcraft classes will have a great deal of fun & a bright future together.  Delighted to award them Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy In Show

2.            Ekins’ Jakarta Russkaya Dusha Avec Sharnburg
This lovely young puppy did everything to frustrate his handler but at 6 ½ months, he has plenty of time to settle and learn to enjoy his showing.  Darkest of browns, he has a good, wedge head with dark eyes.  Plenty of round bone & standing on the tightest of feet.  Taller than 1 and less square, depth not quite yet down to his elbows.  His exuberance continued on the move and was quite erratic, I’m sure his patient owner will get the best out of him in the months to come.

Puppy Dog (1,0)
1.            Wetheralls’ Kodam Propa Gander
A polished performance by this duo; at almost 12 months old this black/rust male has a handsome head; good planes and defined markings with dark eye, just lacking a little in expression.  Well arched neck, good forechest, brisket down to elbow and good tuck up.  Standing on solid legs and tight feet with adequate turn of stifle, moved OK.

Junior Dog (5,0)
1.            Gregsons’ Amazon Blackpark Louis Vuitton
17 month old black/rust of undoubted quality that, in spite of playing his handler up at times, shone through.  This young dog has a strong, square outline & was presented in immaculate condition, rippling with muscle and a gleaming coat.   Good head, level planes though would prefer a little more underjaw, darkest of eyes and markings.  Solid neck with good length and arch, pronounced forechest, adequate, balanced angulation, good depth to elbow and strong, straight topline held on the move.  Desired turn of stifle and width to 2nd thigh with well let down hocks.  Moved OK considering different handler. Close decision in the challenge where he pushed all the way, movement was the deciding factor but pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog

2.            Dzubas’ Korifey Jet At Zajonti
Another quality young male.  16 month old black/rust with an excellent head; good planes, depth of muzzle and dark, almond eye. Good forechest, spring of rib and elegant tuck-up.  Adequate bone and cat like feet.  Another with a gleaming coat, slightly longer caste than 1 and a little overweight on the day.

Novice Dog (1,0)
1.            Groves’ Lateagain Smooth Criminal
20 month old black/rust, pleasing head with dark eyes although rounder than desireable.  Front & hind angulation OK, feet could be tighter.  Moved OK.  Needs more weight on him to show.

Graduate Dog (5,1W)
1.            Fishers’ Jojavik Elite Mafia
19 month black with the richest of rust markings.  Lovely head with excellent depth of muzzle, good planes and the darkest of eyes.  Maturing nicely, he has a square outline, is well angulated fore and aft with depth to elbow & short coupled.  Moved OK.  Another smart male who pushed all the way in the challenge.

2.            Reids’ Nerak American Idol JW ShCM
This 20 month old standard sized male has an eye catching headpiece although lips could be tighter & doesn’t have the depth of muzzle of 1. Defined markings of a lighter hue than 1, elegant reach of neck into good forechest, well laid shoulders, good depth & spring of rib, strong, firm topline held on the move.  Handled and moved well.  Crisp outline, this young man pushed 1 all the way into a close decision. 

Post Graduate Dog (3,0)
1.            Pieters’ Supeta’s Will Eye Am Tuffenuff JW
Black/rust elegant male, pleasing head but a little rounded in back skull, dark almond eyes with alert, keen expression.  Strong, sloping topline and good tailset.  Good depth to elbows with balanced angulation.  Moved OK, handled well.

2.            Capells’ Ruzuna Amazing Valour
Black/rust with good head planes and defined markings, not the expression of 1.  Adequate angulation fore and aft standing on solid, straight legs and tight feet.  Good tuck up, preferred the movement of 1.

Limit Dog (4,1)
1.            Broughs’ Remesca’s Rosinni JW
Brown/rust 2 year old substantial male, taller than 2, head OK with good depth of muzzle and alert expression.  Good forechest and depth with sweeping tuck up. Excellent, round bone and strong, straight legs standing on tight feet. Sloping topline to good tailset, moved OK, handled well.

2.            Underwoods’ Liason Labyrinth
Standard size black/rust with pleasing head and good reach of neck sloping into unbroken topline.  Good shoulders, depth and forechest, straight legs, feet could be tighter.  Longer in loin than 1.  Moved OK when settled.

Open Dog (1,0)
1.            Gallaghers’ Izralight Zorro JW ShCM
Although alone, nothing detracted from this obviously all male, standard sized black/rust dog.  Masculine head with dark eye showing keen, alert expression.  “Fit for purpose” he most definitely is; muscular and powerful, with a good lay back of shoulder, adequate forechest and tight elbows standing on strong, straight legs with tight, cat feet. Sweeping tuck up with good turn of stifle & parallel hocks, well muscled 2nd thigh.  Moved with reach & drive and handled to perfection, shown in fit, hard condition, in strong opposition & pushed all the way by the junior dog, he was the epitome of power combined with elegance and I could not deny him Best Dog and ultimately Best In Show.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2,0)
1.            Nicoll-Jones, Bennet & Mycrofts’ Supeta’s In Yer Dreams.
 Compact with plenty of bone, this young black bitch has wonderful rich rust markings.  Feminine head with dark, almond eyes and good planes for one so young, long neck and superb forechest, she stands on compact feet.  Balanced angulation, just her skirt detracts from the overall picture. At 6 months old she showed like a veteran, moving well and handled sympathetically to get the best out of her.

2.            Quigley, Day & Pipers’ Swnydwr Dancing Queen
8 month old elegant bitch, another with a feminine head, markings not as defined as 1.  Excellent front assembly; elbows nice & tight to well sprung ribs.  Slightly longer in loin than 1 whom I felt just had the edge today but it was a very close decision.  Moved and handled well.

Puppy Bitch (2,0)
1.            Wilkinsons Newfords Linda Lovelace
11 ½ month standard size black bitch; another with lovely rich rust markings.  Head OK, alert expression.  Would prefer a slightly longer reach of neck, firm topline, sloping, held on the move.  Adequate forechest, balanced angulation, moved OK. A little long in leg at this stage of her development but time & maturity should correct this.  Shown with flair, Best Puppy Bitch & Reserve Best Puppy In Show

2.            Goodwin & Daniels’ Satinea Celestina With Mattacane
Larger than 1, this black/rust bitch has a much stronger head.  Good reach of neck, nicely arched, high withered.  Good depth of brisket, tight to elbow with adequate tuck up.  Not the strength in hock of 1, moved OK, well handled.

Junior Bitch (2,0)
1.            Tylers’ Chancepixies Angelina
17 month brown/rust bitch, good head, excellent planes and pronounced stop.  Would prefer eye to be more almond.  Well developed neck with good length, pronounced forechest, strong, straight legs and pasterns.  In excellent condition, shown well, moved OK.

2.            Underwoods’ Utomia Aphrodite
Also  17 months, this standard sized black/rust is not as compact as 1.  Good head with feminine attributes and dark eyes, would prefer more expression. Longer in loin than 1, good turn of stifle and strong hocks.

Novice Bitch (1,0)
1.            Tylers’ Chancepixies Angelina

Graduate Bitch (3,0)
1.            Jones’ Korifrey Black Diamond
Ultra feminine bitch with a super outline.  Pleasing head, would prefer a more pronounced stop, lively and alert expression.  Super length of neck, nicely arched flowing into topline.  Adequate front angulation, depth just down to elbows, sweeping tuck up.  Would prefer a little more turn of stifle to complete the picture but there is no doubt handler and dog are at one with each other;  handled to perfection, pleased to award her Reserve Best Bitch

2.            Dzubas’ Khaneve Aurora At Zajonti
Black/rust substantially built compact standard size bitch; different type to 1.  Dark almond eyes are set in good headpiece – another who was alert for her handler.  Swanlike neck flowing into strong, straight back.  Well defined forechest, brisket down to elbows, standing on round bone and tight feet.  Handled well and moved OK, just a little overweight today.

Post Graduate Bitch (2,0)
1.            Thorns’ Taevas Black Velvet At Grafmax JW ShCM
21 month old black with rich rust markings.  Excellent wedge shaped head with pronounced stop and level planes, occiput a little pronounced and eye shape could be better.  Reachy neck, good forechest, well sprung ribs, depth to elbows with adequate tuck up and strong, firm back.  Moved OK.

2.            Pittendrighs’ Amazon This Girl Is On Fire With Tomar
2 year old black/rust with pleasing expression although I preferred the overall head shape & reach of neck of 1. Adequate forechest and spring of rib with good hind angulation and straight hocks.  Moved OK and handled well.

Limit Bitch (8,1)
1.            Godfreys’ Grafmax Ninette De Valois
Black/rust bitch, slightly taller than standard but balanced throughout.  Head OK, back skull a little domed, clear markings. Excellent reach of neck flowing into her topline.  Balanced angulation fore and aft which showed in her free flowing movement.  Very close decision between 1 & 2, well handled.

2.            Gallaghers’ Izralight Sugababe JW ShCM
Standard sized black/rust with feminine head, darkest of eyes showing good expression.  Well laid shoulders with adequate forechest, good round bone & the tighest of feet.  Elegant tuck up, good width of 2nd thighs, good strong hocks and turn of stifle which powered her around the ring, handled quietly to perfection.

Open Bitch (4,0)
1.            Ch Liason Latanya JW
Brown/rust square, compact bitch of standard size.  Good head and flat skull, neat ears.  Elegant neck of good length and carriage flowing seamlessly into well laid shoulders and sufficient forechest.  Well sprung ribs, depth to elbow sweeping into good tuck up.  Strong, firm back, good hind angulation with excellent turn of stifle and well let down hocks.  Moved well; with nothing overdone, this worthy champion is an excellent example of the UK breed standard.  Delighted to award her Best Bitch and Reserve Best In Show

2.            Parkers’ Ch Eilan Fabulous Frieda
Another worthy champion & lovely example of the breed although larger & quite different in type to 1.  This bitch excels in head; you could use a spirit level on those planes!  Excellent depth to muzzle with strong underjaw giving the desired blunt wedge, the darkest of almond eyes and neat, well set ears. Excellent reach of neck and well developed forechest, strong, sloping topline with good tailset.  Standing four square on strong bone and tight feet. In superb condition and balanced throughout, she moved well around this tight ring and was confidently handled standing free & alert at all times. 

Yvonne Cox (Judge)