The SWDC made enquiries with the Kennel Club regarding maintaining the now deregistered DBC Judges Lists and Judges Criteria, Judging Seminars and Judges Competence Assessments as per the KC code of Best Practice and to adopt the DBC Judges Lists. We note that the newly formed UK Dobermann Partnership's (UKDP), Working Party, have stated that they have adopted all of the above criteria and therefore the SWDC made the enquiry to establish if the SWDC could do the same.


The following statement is what the Kennel Club has issued to the SWDC, and we are, therefore, advising our members and existing and future judges that we will be also adopting the former DBC material. If your name was on the previous DBC list nothing will have changed. For all others please refer to SWDC website where Judges Applications and Judging Criteria can be downloaded.


Kennel Club Statement:


“Dear Mrs Caldicott


We are writing to confirm the Kennel Club’s position as regards the proposed joint working party for the education and health of the Dobermann, formed by four breed clubs [Dobermann Club, North Eastern Counties Dobermann Society, Scottish Dobermann Club and Welsh Dobermann Club], having now discussed this internally with Mrs Linda Branwhite, KC Legal Manager and with Mr Mike Townsend, Kennel Club Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Kennel Club Charitable Trust.

It should be noted that the Kennel Club does not grant any form of formal recognition or registration to this type of entity.

It is noted that two of the above clubs include a specific rule in their constitution which prevents the club from joining any federation of clubs or societies other than the Breed Council. Having noted its intended objective, we do not consider this working party to be a federation of societies in terms of Kennel Club Regulation C3.a.(12). Nor is it considered to be a substitute Breed Council. However we would expect each of the clubs forming it to have communicated with their respective memberships and to be confident that there is overall support by members for its formation. Whilst we do not envisage that this requires a general meeting at this point, the clubs are advised to include an updating communication item on the agenda for their 2015 AGM.

We hope that this now makes the position clear. We are also writing to the secretaries of the Dobermann Club, North Eastern Counties Dobermann Club, Scottish Dobermann Club and Welsh Dobermann Club to confirm the above.


Yours sincerely
Caroline Hallett

Registered Societies Manager

The Kennel Club

1-5 Clarges St


London W1J 8AB”