Bitch critique

BIS & BCC Ch. Supeta’s Spells Trouble JW ShCM

RCC Taevas Black Velvet at Grafmax                                                                                                                         

BPIS & BPB Stormhold Enigma from Diego                                                                                                                

BVIS Ch. Janzins Jamelia JW ShCM

My thanks to the committee for giving me my first CC appointment.  It was a great honour and a privilege to judge my beloved breed.  I had a wonderful entry, thank you to all the exhibitors.

Veteran Bitch (6,1a) 1st Balshaw’s Ch. Janzins Jamelia JW ShCM.  8 year old standard sized compact bitch, pleasing head, ample length of neck, short coupled with well laid shoulders, deep chest and excellent spring of rib.  Good turn of stifle which provided plenty of drive when gaited.  2nd Hopkinson’s  Otago Tahora.  9 year old black bitch overall larger than 1 and longer in loin, in very good condition for her age.  Parallel head planes and well filled under dark eyes.  Rich rust markings.  Adequate layback of shoulder flowing into a firm topline.  Covered the ground well.

Minor Puppy Bitch (6,1a) 1st Wilkinson’s Newfords Linda Lovelace.  6mth pretty little black and rust bitch, very short and compact.  Wedge shaped head, neat ears and dark eye.  Already showing good depth of chest and super front angulation.  Strong topline and well set and carried tail.  She was very sound on the move and showed with style.  2nd Ryman’s Dobehaven Sea Pearl.  7mth black and rust bitch with dark pigmentation.  Parallel head planes and a neat earset.  Compact body shape but would have preferred a little more front angulation.  Firm topline which she held on the move.

Puppy Bitch (6,1a) 1st Feeney’s Stormhold Enigma from Diego.  9mth lovely young black/rust bitch combining all the breed essentials of type, character and soundness.  Long quality head showing good planes and plenty of underjaw.  Dark eyes, complete dentition.  She is short and square in body shape with correct angles front and rear and therefore moved with drive around the ring.                    2nd Andrews  Supeta’s Sweet Lil Mystery another super puppy similar to 1 with a lovely head, clean wedge shape, dark eye and rich rust markings.  Short coupled but lacks a little in front angulation.  Moved well.

Junior Bitch (5) 1st Thorn’s Taevas Black Velvet at Grafmax.  15mth quality black bitch, substantial yet elegant.  She has a clean sharp outline with parallel head planes, well filled under her dark eye, great length of neck flowing into slightly sloping topline.  Excellent front and rear angulation and stands straight and true.  I loved her attitude and expression.  She moved well and I was pleased to award he the RCC in the challenge.  2nd Cox’s Zeloviak Evolution.  Smart 16mth black/rust bitch smaller than 1 with a compact body shape and ample angles for and aft.  Very dark pigmentation showing slightly muddied markings.  Neat ear carriage and dark eye.  Firm topline which she held well on the move.

Yearling Bitch (2) 1st Feeney’s Jojavik Belle De Jour avec Diego.  Substantial 14mth bl/r bitch with a stylish outline.  Parallel head planes with good depth of muzzle, and dark eye.  Front angulation ok, good depth of chest to elbow.  Long neck and firm backline with correct tailset.  2nd Robinson & Parrott’s Remesca’s Reet Petite.  Standard sized brown/rust bitch.  Long wedge shaped head but would prefer a darker eye.  Her coat was a beautiful deep colour.  She is slightly longer in body and lacks a little in front angulation.  Needs time to mature.

Novice Bitch(4,2a) 1st Andrew’s Sweet Lil Mystery (rpt)  2nd Cox’s Zeloviak Evolution. (rpt)

Graduate Bitch (5) 1st Thorn’s Taevas Black Velvet at Grafmax. (rpt)  2nd Smith & Boncey’s Tavaes No Ordinary Love with Ourouse JW.  Litter sister to 1 different in type.  Substantial black/rust bitch very square in outline, ultra short and compact with plenty of bone.  Parallel planes with length of muzzle and dark eye.  Well laid shoulders and good forechest, would like to see more turn of stifle.  Strong topline which she held on the move.

Post Graduate Bitch (8,1a) 1st Wright’s Amazon Faberge with Sealandair JW ShCM.  2year old standard sized black bitch with a stylish compact outline.  Pleasing head with dark eye and rich rust markings.  Excellent layback of shoulder showing ample forechest and depth of brisket with tight elbows.  Well angled at rear, firm backline moved with reach and drive.  Well handled.  2nd Godfrey & Thorn’s Grafmax Ninette De Valois.  Substantial bl/r bitch almost 3 very different to 1.  I really liked her head, long and clean with plenty of muzzle and dark eyes.  Good reach of neck and correct front angulation continueing into firm topline although slightly long in loin.  Moved well.

Limit Bitch (16,4a)  1st Fisher’s Dronski Adele at Lintoya.  2 year old elegant black bitch,  I liked her square outline and super head, showing that long blunt wedge and dark eye.  Long clean neck.  Adequate front and rear angulation, good depth of chest to elbow and spring of rib.  Rich rust markings.  Firm sloping topline.  Moved well.  2nd William’s Willhelmus Reine Katerina.  4 year old brown/rust bitch very different type to 1 slightly longer in body shape.  Rich deep brown coat with rust markings.  Another lovely head with correct planes and length of muzzle.  Ample angulation for and aft.  Moved and handled well.

Open Bitch (15,2a)  An outstanding class of quality exhibits.  1st Mycroft’s Ch.Supeta’s Spells Trouble JW ShCM.  22mth beautifully balanced black bitch with a striking outline, short compact and square.  She has a clean feminine head with parallel planes, plenty of muzzle and very dark eyes.  Deep rust markings.  Her long arched neck flows into well laid shoulders and slightly sloping topline.  Showing deep chest to elbows, straight legs with tight catlike feet.  Great turn of stifle allowing her plenty of drive when moved around the ring.  I loved her expression and she never stopped showing.  Pleased to award her the CC.  2nd Downie’s Int Ch Gaindyke Eureka.  Another quality bitch.  5 years old, standard sized, short coupled and compact.  Lovely head good underjaw and darkest of eyes.  Excellent front and rear angulation with ample forechest and good spring of rib.  She has a strong hard topline and moved effortlessly around the ring.

Christine Parker